Free Swedish Dishcloth + S&H
Free Swedish Dishcloth + S&H
Free Swedish Dishcloth + S&H
Free Swedish Dishcloth + S&H
Free Swedish Dishcloth + S&H

Free Swedish Dishcloth + S&H

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Try a Swedish Dishcloth for FREE + Cost of Shipping & Handling! You won't regret it!

Our Swedish Dishcloths help you achieve a clean house WITHOUTa smelly rag, a large carbon footprint, needing numerous types of cloths or using rolls & rolls of paper towels.

These all-natural, extremely absorbent, reusable cloths are DURABLE enough to clean your dishes, counter tops, tables, floors & walls yet GENTLE enough to wash your stainless steel appliances, windows, mirrors and child's face

No smelly dishcloths here! Made of 70% plant-based cellulose and 30% cotton, these reliable, eco-friendly cloths are more sanitary and don't stink like most typical kitchen sponges.  Due to their quick-dry abilities, bacteria doesn't have as much time to grow and smell, thus, leaving your space and hands - stink free.

Lessen your Carbon Footprint by using a Swedish Dishcloth to it's full capacity, 6-12 months/200+ washes, you replace the use of 17+ Rolls of Paper Towel.  When you tire of using you Swedish Dishcloth it is completely compostable. Simply throw your Swedish Dishcloth in a compost bin or pile to dispose of them.  The lifespan of each dishcloth depends on usage.

Stiff when dry, the Swedish Dishcloth, immediately softens when wet and can be thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher or washing machine to clean. 

Not only will they add a pop of style to your kitchen, simply tie a ribbon around a few and they become a thoughtful and truly unique gift. Match with our Swedish Drying Mats for added kitchen design and function. 

   Dimensions - W6.5" x L8" 

   Material - 70% plant-based cellulose - 30% cotton

   Care -Machine wash/Dishwasher Top Rack Wash and lay flat to dry. Do not bleach.

  Absorbs 20x its weight in liquid

  Replaces 17 Paper Towel Rolls

  Safe to Use on: Glass, Stainless Steel, Tile, Granite, Skin & so much more.

*Fibers may eventually breakdown after an extended number of washes - this is the perfect time to compost this all-natural cloth.