We are all about tiny transformations.
The aha! moment when you find just the right piece that turns an overlooked corner of the house into a favorite spot.
The feeling of opening up next season’s decoration bin, full of both anticipation and nostalgia.
The joy of giving (or getting) a gift that says, Im thinking of you.
We don’t think tiny transformations have to break the bank or be stressful to find. Our shop is uniquely curated, with small and simple pieces ready to add a bit of energy to any space.
We started The Rosy Nook because we love to celebrate -- whether it’s a holiday, birthday, friendship, or space. We hope you find a tiny transformation you love.



Hi - I'm Leanne, owner of the Rosy Nook. When I was away at college, my mother helped me turn every tiny dorm room, apartment or condo into a home. She would often send me seasonal decor to cheer up a wall, a table or a desk. As I've moved from place to place - Washington, Oregon, California and now Utah, I've treasured those pieces that have allowed me to create an inviting home wherever I've lived. My husband Craig and I have three energetic little boys and I'm surprised at how much these tiny men enjoy opening our bin of Halloween decorations or creating a little winter scene for the dining table. I have to believe they too feel the energy of changing seasons and celebration.  We hope our shop can bring this same energy to your space or give you the opportunity to send a little cheer to someone who may need it.