A Valentine's Book Nook of Love - Our Favorite Tradition

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Our favorite Valentine's Tradition is to create a cozy Book Nook of Love! 

We've collected amazing Valentine's Books for kids of all ages and mid-January we open our Valentine's Bins and place these books on our Playroom book ledges. We add some of our favorite Rosy Nook Garlands, a few Rosy Nook Wool Felt Valentine's Flags and of course a little bit of pink and red ribbon

Grab a heart pillow, a heart blanket and snuggle up with a book and your kids/grandkids! Our kids LOVE reading holiday books and love the change in their playroom. Not only does the Book Nook get them excited about the upcoming holiday, it encourages reading 10-fold in our home! 

Here is a list of our Favorite Valentine's Books by age! *Books are linked with affiliate links! Before we pop on Amazon we always check to see if www.Thriftbooks.com and www.AbeBooks.com have any gently used versions of the books we want. We've had really great luck!

Our Favorite Valentine's Books

1. L is for Love - A Valentine's ABC book. My Toddler is obsessed with these books and the illustrations are the absolute best! 


2. The Hug Machine - Another great toddler board book all about a child who is an amazing hugger. My kindergartner reads this to our toddler and they love to scream "hug hug hug hug...." It's the cutest. 


3. I Heart You - Another beautiful board book. Again, my kindergartner can read this darling story about lots of different animals and the love between parent and child for each animal. This book has the cutest illustrations as well! 


4. Valentine's Guest House - A favorite of all my children and myself! This story is so creative and shares a message of inclusion and helping others feel comfortable. The darling animals created a lot of questions and use of imagination in our home. Plus the illustrations are beyond charming! Sure love the book cover and every single page. 


5. Somebody Loves Mr. Hatch - Oh my goodness this one makes my heart burst. My 8 year old loves this one and picked up on the idea of "the domino effect" when it comes to caring about others, confidence and love. I love how this book focuses on the fact that each human has value and is worth loving! Wish I could send this book to everyone - that's how much we love it! 


6. In My Heart - My toddler really loves this one and it's helped us talk about our feelings! This book is great for all ages and has the most adorable heart cutouts throughout the entire book - a very fun aspect for kids! The illustrations are playful and it's helped all my kids articulate their feelings - we really love to read it after school when feelings can feel very big! 


7. LOVE - A book about how our love for one another travels far beyond the walls of our homes and binds us together. One of the most beautiful Valentine's books ever. Each page is art and the beautiful story brings the art to life. The cover is so pretty too! 


8. Lola Dutch I Love You So Much - The most darling story of friendship and doing thoughtful things for your friends! The illustrations are beautiful and Lola Dutch is absolutely darling in every way! A perfect Valentine's and Everyday Book! The cutest decoration for a little girl's room too! 

*** A few other Valentine's Books we really enjoy: Love Is, A Hug is For Holding Me, Words and Your Heart, Plant a Kiss and Flora and the Flamingo.

We hope you love this Holiday Book tradition as much as we do and we'd love to hear about more favorite Valentine's Books! Please share your favorites with us in the comment section below! 

XO - Leanne with The Rosy Nook

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