6 Great Gifts for Friends and Family they Don't Tend to Buy on Their Own

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Have you ever received a gift and thought, "Oh I love this, I just couldn't convince myself to buy it?" I think those are really fun gifts to receive and even more fun to give. I've collected a list of great products your friends and family don't typically buy on their own but sure enjoy receiving as gifts! 

    1. Pretty Paper – You can never have enough pretty paper. I’m talking all forms – personalized stationary, blank stationary, a box of cards, thank you notes, sticky notes, grocery lists, meal planners, to do lists or wrapping paper - paper is so useful! However, many people feel guilty spending extra money on special paper, so when they receive beautiful paper as a gift it’s a special treat!



    1. Small Accessories – Things like earrings, a bracelet or a little necklace. A lot of people will pick up a pair of earrings every now and then for themselves, but it’s a little extra special when someone you love gifts you an accessory. It often is not something you would have chosen yourself, and that’s a good thing.  You find a fun new style and get to add your own spark to it.



    1. Charming kitchen essentials - Most people own necessities – but how fun is it to bake with a really beautiful set of measuring cups?! I’ll tell you.  It’s really fun! A gorgeous spoon rest is the perfect accent to a stovetop. How about a fancy gold whisk or a unique set of salad tongues? Perhaps another set of darling oven mitts? All these gifts make the ordinary a bit extraordinary.



    1. Cute Containers - Let’s be honest, we don’t need a cute container for every last item we own! However, every time I pick up a pair of my earrings, I love thinking about my friend who gifted me my little jewelry tray. When I put my makeup on in the car or pack for a trip I think about my mother who gifted me my leather makeup bags. Whether it’s a jewelry box, makeup bag, clutch, cotton ball container, ring dish or little tray – it’s usually an upgrade to the current system or at least a little refresh.



    1. Knick Knacks - Yes this is what my grandmother would call those random little items that make life a little bit easier or a little more fun. A hip luggage tag. A pretty pen. A cute keychain. Stylish desk accessories. A tiny mirror for your purse. These are usually a safe go to when gifting. These items tend to truly feel like a gift because most people rarely go out of their way to shop for these products – but it sure is nice to have them in your life.


    1. Socks – Buying your own socks can feel like paying for car repairs – not an exciting expense! However, I love a cute pair of ankle socks or a fuzzy pair of warm socks for the cold months. Whether you gift a pair of seasonal or sassy socks, your friend's feet and sock drawer will thank you. 


    Have fun gifting to those you love!! 

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