3 Questions to ask Before Buying a Gift

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The top 3 questions I like to ask before purchasing a gift for a friend or family member:

1. What are they passionate about?

If my friend is into a new hobby, I always love to encourage this new adventure! Are they taking cooking classes? Grab a fun kitchen accessory! Do they love to be organized? Find a darling planner or notepad. Are they entertaining aficionados? How about a new serving dish. Do they collect anything? It’s always so much fun to find a new treasure for their collection.


2. What's something a friend or family member fancies but won't buy for themselves?

There are needs and there are wants. If you're like me, I focus on things I need when spending money and only occasionally grab the items I really like but aren't a necessity. Thus, I'm always happy when I'm gifted a little something extra. An item that makes life a bit cheerier/easier/prettier but isn't essential is such a thoughtful gift, especially when you know your friend won't buy it on their own. 


 3. What’s something I’ve loved and would like to share with them?

Gifting is literally an extension of one's self. I like to remember it’s not always about a Christmas or Birthday List of wants and needs. I believe when we start sharing part of ourselves - what we love, our favorite things, items that work for us - our relationships have the opportunity to grow and strengthen. Giving our friends and family gifts can be so enjoyable as we take time to think about them and thoughtfully show them our love. 


I love giving Swedish Dishcloths to my loved ones. They have such fun designs and are so functional!

 *Bonus Question* What is a pain point or stressor in your friend's life and is there a gift that solves this problem? 

This may be my very favorite type of gift to give! They're usually random gifts meant for no reason other than to say - I hear you and I'm trying to help. Don't stress yourself out about these types of gifts, most of the time you'll know when you can help! 

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