Fall in LOVE with Your Home With our 4 Easy Decorating Tips

Do you LOVE your Home? This year we want you to fall deeper in LOVE with your haven, your escape from the world, your safe space! When we decorate with holiday decor we invite a new season into our homes, we invite tradition and we get to express our personalities! As we gather our families and friends - the investment in decorating our homes brings warmth, memory-making and love!
As we’ve learned to understand our style and preferences, the decorating tips below have helped us fall in love with our home and we hope they will help shape your journey as well!
  1. Use the Space You Have -  What areas can you decorate in your home?Shelves, entryway table, side tables, desk, kitchen windowsill, mantel, hutch, and/or kitchen table?  Styling  every space can feel overwhelming - we love choosing two to three spaces!  We typically decorate our  mantel, built in shelves, and desk because we spend a lot of time in these areas! Where do you spend the most time in your home - start in these spaces!


  2. Personalize Your SpaceAllowing our personalities to shine through our decor and styling makes for an interesting and rooted home! Whether we frame a photo of our family, style a special gift or add a family heirloom  - these unique elements are what make our home distinct and personal! We love including our children’s artwork in our decor because when they see their art, they feel invested and connected to our home and celebrations. We also love finding special pieces from small businesses and local artists to highlight around our home. Our decor tells a story of our family, our home and our community - it feels so personal! 


3. Invest In Timeless Anchor PiecesOwning a few versatile pieces of decor to use during numerous seasons and celebrations helps simplify the process of decorating. A few timeless items we have and consistently use throughout the year and in all different spaces are: hardcover books (we like using the spine and the pages side), pitchers, vases, bowls, cake stands, glass cloches, and candle holders. 


4.Garnish with Garlands, Ribbon, and Bows - We’re here to verify,  a little ribbon goes a LONG way in our homes.  For the past few holidays we’ve decorated with this classic Torn Silk Ribbon, available in 5 colors, and can’t wait to use it with our Spring Collection! (Link HERE) We tie it around candles and pitchers, cluster it and tie a bow at the end of garlands,  fill our glass cloche with it and wrap Valentine’s gifts! We are big garland fans because they add a burst of color and look so good when paired with 2 or 3 different garlands! 


We sure hope you find joy in your decorating and fall a bit more in LOVE with your home this year! XO - Leanne & Lindsey
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