Prolong the Life of Your Pumpkins This Fall in 5 Easy Steps!

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 Prolong the Life of Your Pumpkins This Fall in 5 Easy Steps!

1. To start - make sure you buy/pick pumpkins without scrapes or bruises, (even slight damage leads to early decay.)

Click here to watch my Pumpkin Bath Video for a quick rundown!

2. Give your Pumpkins a BLEACH or VINEGAR BATH! 

  • Fill bath with 1tsp Bleach/1Gallon Water or 1:10 ratio Vinegar:Water
  • Soak pumpkins in bath for 20 minutes on first side
  • Turn pumpkins and soak for 20 minutes on other side 
  • If you're going to place pumpkins outdoors we encourage you to use vinegar instead of bleach so little critters don't ingest harmful materials if they decide to take a nibble of your pumpkins.

3. Drain bath & dry pumpkins with a towel

4. Air dry pumpkins overnight

5. Style pumpkins inside or outside your home!

  • If you're styling outdoors - wait until temperatures are below 80 degrees for least amount of decay.
  • Remember to use a vinegar bath if you're placing the pumpkins outdoors and you are in an area where deer, chipmunks and other critters may want to feast on your pumpkins - we don't want them ingesting any harmful bleach. 



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